Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Interview with Chainmaille By MBOI

Click the link below to check out the rest of the article. I so happy our little home craft buisness has gotten some publicity.
clipped from news.deviantart.com

Interview Jan. 2009 - ~andrewk1969

First of all before we start answering questions it is important to know that
Makin the Best of It and Chainmaille by MBOI are one company with Makin The Best
of it being the parent company of the two.

We are comprised of a husband
and wife team, with my wife Kimberly, being the originator and president of our
little craft business.
What do you like best to create?

Chainmaille jewelry is my
preferred outlet for my creativity. My wife though has much more varied
interests such as ornamental wire wrap and painting. I could not even begin to
list all the different crafts that she is involved in.
As for me, chainmaille
has given me and my wife, who is a fellow femailler, a way to express ourselves
and have a highly marketable and unique product that people enjoy.
What is your preferred medium? Why?

My preferred medium is
sterling silver. Sterling is relatively soft and malleable, which is easier on
the hands. It also shines up so pretty and holds its value

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